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    Daniel 4 years ago

    Hello ! 

    I just got the course and i want to know something very important ! 

    After first lesson  , in that next day if i am  ready i go to the second one i know that, but i have a question .

    I need to make all that steps from beginner warmups  before to start my new lesson ? 

    Like , all the steps ? witch mean like 40 minutes ? its that right ? i don't want to make any mistake .

    I wanna know if this i should to do before every new  lesson or not . 

    P.S : My lowest note is a A2 to E4 (in some exercices i can't hit more than E4 on the chest voice, can i go in falsetto there ? because i can hit  F4 from E5 pretty easy on falsetto.)  Also i can't do the mix  well , should i start maybe with low daily warmups for a  while ?

    If i didn't understand , please explain me how i should to make my daily warmups before starting the new lesson. Ty.

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    Camille van Niekerk 4 years ago

    Hey, Daniel!

    Good question. You'll find a good, short routine on day 2 that you can use each day to warm up! 

    (The other warmup routines you see on the site are separate from the 30 day course: something to look forward to once you're done! Of course, feel free to look around and incorporate some of those warmups into your routine if you want.)


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    Daniel 4 years ago

    Oh , i understand ! So , by the way i started with Jonathan.

    I need just to use  the routine from day 2 untill i will finish  the course ? i mean to use just that  whitout any extra warmups  before any new  lesson and that's it untill i finish the 30 days ? Its  that right ?

    During the course , how should look  my warmup routine ?

    Please tell me if i  understood well.

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    Camille van Niekerk 4 years ago

    Both Jonathan Estabrooks and I have a warmup routine on day 2!

    We recommend you use that warmup routine (follow along with day 2's lesson video), and then watch a new lesson. Following your warmup and new lesson, you can work on rehearsing a song or doing some ear training (if you want). 

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