Flow and song writing.

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    Paul MIller 1 year ago

    How do you stay on beat or practice to sing or rap on beat? And is songwriting for singing different then song writing for rap vocals? Do yall go over this too? (Flow and songwriting)

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    Lisaura Rostas 1 year ago

    Everyone gets high sometime ya know

    what else can we do when we feeling low

    so take a deep breathe and let it go


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    Suzanne 1 year ago

    you might try practicing with a metranome. there are free apps for it.

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    Trinidy 1 year ago

    how can i even think of what i wanna put in a song how would i even start it off


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    Paul MIller 1 year ago

    Trinidy "Its what ever comes to mind, its like communication with rhyme," and being mindful of what to say and how you would say it to the beat. Start with journaling more and your content comes from that write a lot of stories or about your life and even songs you can write or lyrics in your journal hope this helps. And read books from artists you like or about them. and you will have some inspiration and your creative expression through writing and even singing would come out and when you practice and make a to do list everyday and keep a routine check off your list what needs to be done each day and struture your day and songs, readjust and sometimes adapt to your schedule you can be the best singer in the world. Time to put the hard work in, takes time, but this will be your career invest in your self and in others. Make connections make songs. :) Dont have to finish every goal but finish most of them and you get closer to having order and control of your life and get closer to your dreams. :)

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