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    Legglilly 4 months ago

    Good afternoon from Australia:)

    I was wondering if when I do a course, maybe for breath control, when I finish it should I move straight onto another and if I feel I need to go over it again go back to that course? Should I also save the warm-ups for whatever it is I am wanting to work on so if I need to go back I can and work on those things?

    I am also working on the song danke shoen by Wayne Newton. My mum has said I tend to sing it quite flat a lot and maybe strain a little on the lines "I can see hearts carved on a tree" and "though we go on our separate ways" do you have any tips or suggestions of courses to avoid these things?

    Thank you:)

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    Ethanknightt 4 months ago



    I tipcally I will work on a single course for about 2 weeks and get a good hold over that then figure out what to do next and move on to that I have made much progress with that style of learning

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    Camille van Niekerk 4 months ago

    Great advice, Ethan!

    That sounds like a good approach to me! I like to guide my practice based on the songs I'm working on, so if I'd like to sing a song requiring high head voice, for example, I'll gear my practice towards that. Please do save/bookmark any lessons or warmups you find particularly helpful so you can keep them in your rotation :)

    Going flat and/or straining sounds like perhaps an issue of bringing up too much chest voice weight (requiring more of a mix instead of full chest/speaking voice). These lessons should help:


    Please feel free to send a video for feedback on that song, if you'd like:

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