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    Jay 4 years ago

    Hi, I chose jonathan estabrooks on beginner courses for I am a male myself and I noticed there's 30lessons per instructor. Do I only do 1 lesson per day till I reach day 30 to complete the 30lessons?

    Also if I am for example on day 20-30 do I just do the lessons on video 20-30 and not do the previous beginning lessons videos anymore?

    And as a beginner do you recommend just sticking with the beginner course for now and not jump around the "singing tricks and techniques and warm up vocal health" categories and mixing it with the beginner course.

    Sorry I'm new I'm not sure how to start my journey correctly, not sure which lessons and exercises to do or how many to do per day. Thanks!

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    Billy 4 years ago

    Hi Jay,

    Good questions! 

    The idea is that you complete 1 lesson a day when you take the beginner 30 day courses, but this is not a hard rule. You can always go back and revisit old videos, or re-watch lessons as many times as you want. The 30 day course is more of a guideline, and not a hard rule, there is nothing stopping you from going back and watching videos over again. In fact, we encourage you to re-watch lessons! 

    As a beginner, we highly encourage you to finish the 30 day beginner course first. 

    Don't be sorry, these are great questions. Let us know if you have anymore!



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    Ada 4 years ago

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