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    Steve 4 years ago

    I run a karaoke show at one venue which is ok because i have singers from the start.

    I want to expand to other venues but feel the host should be able to sing abit

    I have been told i sing monotone which i think they mean basically dont go up or down

    would this course help me all i really want is to be able to have confidence and be able to sing say half a dozen songs resonably well to start then see how it goes

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    Camille van Niekerk 4 years ago

    Hi, Steve!

    Online lesson videos do assume that you can match pitch (even if your range is very limited). I'd recommend you check out some "ear training" apps to see where you're at:

    SingSharp and PerfectPitch are very similar, and they're both less sensitive than a typical chromatic tuner.

    Another good option is a karaoke app (like Smule) that shows your pitch in real time. 


    Free apps for both iPhone + android:

    Pitched Tuner (this is a chromatic tuner, so it's quite sensitive) -

    SingSharp (less sensitive, with a vocal range finder) -


    iPhone only:

    PerfectPitch (less sensitive, and my favorite of these three) -

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