Opening the vowels

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    Daniel 2 weeks ago

    Hi Camille ! 

    I have 2 problems. 

    1. I stoped cleaning my throat and rezist from that,but it is not done yet. It already passed 1 week and  à half and its  thé same..(generate thé same mucus in my throat) Maybe  thé throat needs much time to recover ? 

    2.I am looking for some exercices to open my vowels more. Sometimes my vowels are a little  bit closed not  open. 



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    Camille van Niekerk 2 weeks ago

    Hi, Daniel!


    If you're concerned about the level of mucus and it's not improving, please consider asking your doctor! They may recommend allergy medication or dietary changes. 

    This tutorial covers open vowels with plenty of practice:

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