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    Faith Ross 4 years ago


    I have a lot of questions about my voice. I did musical theatre as a child, stopped, and have begun the process of re-training my voice correctly about 8 months ago. I can hit very high notes in my head voice, but in chest I cannot reach very high- it makes singing songs difficult because the constant switch between head and chest voice sounds terrible. It's like there's nothing in between, and I have done the exercises in the "mix voice" lesson but seem to make absoutely no progess in developing mixed voice. Is it possible that I just will not be able to find my mix voice and will be stuck where I'm at? Or is there a key thing that I'm missing?

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    Camille van Niekerk 4 years ago

    Hi, Faith!

    Mix can take a while to develop - and there isn't just one way to mix, or one mix sound. Everyone can mix! But it's more difficult for singers who sing with a lot of "weight" in chest voice and "pull" their chest voice function up higher than their voice naturally allows. 

    I think it's helpful to approach mix in 2 ways, though: chest/mix, in which you're coming from chest voice and there's more chest function; and head/mix, in which you're coming from head voice and there's more head function. I train chest/mix with exercises like a tall "NO" or "NUH", as you attempt to sing higher in chest voice, but let your voice "lighten" slightly (without flipping into full head voice). I train head/mix by finding more strength and "punchy" forward resonance in head voice with exercises like "NYAH" (with an A as in CAT) or a short, trumpet-like "BUH". 

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