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    Gabriella Agosto 3 years ago

    Hey Camille could you please explain to me more about Vibrato I have watched and read im pretty sure all your videos and blogs about vibrato. Im still not really understanding how to develop it. I know it takes a while and much practice . ( Which I practice alot) But what are some other things I could do to help

    For example my goal is to sing Over the Rainbow flawlessly but ive seen singers who have sang it at my age with an amazing voice and I dont know how they do it so effortless. Everytime I hit or note or something I feel like im lucky because it takes many MANY tries to get something decent to come out of me lol. So how do I sing that song good or excerises I could do to control my breathing and voice

    thankyou so much

    - Gabriella Agosto

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    Camille van Niekerk 3 years ago

    I recommend you look into our "Foundations of Vibrato" tutorial:


    Relaxation is (in my experience) the most important thing! Other technical "requirements" are good breath support, cord compression, and resonant space (which are covered in the above tutorial). But none of that will lead to a healthy, free vibrato if you're tense (in your throat or abdomen). 


    Imitate the vibrato of singers you love; that can also help you learn to "let go" and create vibrato. It takes times, but I do think it comes quicker if you focus on mimicking singers with vibrato than just focusing on the technical side. 


    If you feel vibrato come naturally, notice how it feels and sounds! See if you can go from vibrato to straight tone and back again, to learn what it feels like to "release" your vibrato. 


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