Vocal Range?

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    Destiny 4 years ago

     Hi! I'm Destiny. :))

    I'm new to singing. How do I find my vocal range? Many people say I sound like a kid or sound 17 when I'm 21. When I sing I'm quiet because I'm nervous. I can't hit those very high pitch I can say that.. 

    Also, how loud am I suppose to be singing? I heard a girl sing live months ago on stage at my college one time. She sung very loud. But I'm afraid to sing too loud that my family hears me. And I am told I could sing quiet, but I feel I'm not getting my voice out? I'm not so sure. 

    Last but not least! How do I find if I'm soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto, etc? ((I can't play an instrument btw)). 

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    Camille van Niekerk 4 years ago

    Welcome, Destiny!

    Start by reading this article I wrote on finding your range + voice type: https://www.30daysinger.com/blog/finding-your-vocal-range.

    You can also use the "find my range" tool on this site: http://www.myvocalrange.com/yourvocalrange.php and check that you're singing in tune using https://tuner.ninja/

    SingSharp (for iOS and Android) also has a range finder function with a chromatic tuner built in: https://www.singsharpapp.com/.

    As for volume, you should ideally be singing at a comfortable medium volume when practicing! If you have a naturally softer or louder voice than others, that's okay! We all have different "sized" voices, but we can all access a wide dynamic range from soft to loud. You'll use different dynamic levels (volume) in different songs + styles of singing!


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