Warmups and Practice

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    Graydon Cronkwright 3 years ago

    Hi, I am setting up a daily practice routine for myself comprised of different videos from different sections of your website. I am curious if I should be doing a daily warm up and then going into practice. For exampe should I do the "Daily Warmup" then countine with the "Range Extension" Lessons. My following day would be 'Daily Warmup" + Intonation and Pitch. Basically what I am asking is do I need the Daily warm up everyday before my other lessons or am I doing too much? 

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    Camille van Niekerk 3 years ago

    Hi, Graydon!

    Good question. That really depends on how you feel and how much you've used your voice already that day. If it's later in the day and you've been talking, then your voice is technically "warm" - but because we demand more of our voice when singing, it's a good idea to get your vocal cords ready with something gentle like a lip trill, humming, or singing on an NG.

    If it's early in the morning and/or you haven't used your voice much, then using the daily warmup first is a good idea! Most tutorials are focused on specific skills, so they won't always start with easy, gentle exercises. However, some tutorials do include a warmup video - so check to see if that's the case! 

    Best of luck,


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