Dynamic or condenser mic for home practise

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    Ivan.de.paepe 1 year ago

    Should I get a dynamic or condenser mic to practice at home?

    On one hand I want to practice the same type of microphone as when singing with the band meaning a dynamic mic.

    An the other hand I don't like to have a microphone against my face when sitting in front of my pc so I can also use the mic during zoom meetings which would mean a condenser mic.

    I know getting both is the answer but buying to microphones as a beginner seems a bit far fetched.

    Thank for helping me bite the bullet ;)

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    Camille van Niekerk 1 year ago

    Hi, Ivan! I personally prefer condenser mics for recording and dynamic mics for live performance. If you want the greatest sensitivity for recording, go with condenser! If you want a multi-purpose mic, I'd go with dynamic. 

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