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    Malki 2 years ago

    What is the best way to prepare myself for studio recordings?

    And also what is the range of prices for studio recordings?

    And what is the normal amount of time to sing in the studio?

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    Camille van Niekerk 2 years ago

    Hi, Malki! I'm a fan of overpreparing: rehearsing to the point that I can rely on "muscle memory" in the studio. Print out your lyrics and make notes (vowel modifications, reminders to yourself, etc). This will also make it easier for you to "punch in" to different spots in the song (retaking one specific section or line without starting from the beginning). I also encourage you to do some "trial runs" at home by pretending you're in the studio, recording yourself (with your phone) and listening back. 

    Pricing really varies depending on location, so I'd call around to local studios for quotes! Let them know what you'd like to record, and whether you just want studio time to record or mixing (editing) as well. If you're prepared, I imagine you could record lead vocals for 1 song within an hour, but it's always better to have more time if you think that might be cutting it close. 

    Here are a few more tips:

    1. Anxiety/nerves

    - Use your first take as a warmup (getting in the zone, with no pressure to use that first take)

    - Give yourself the freedom to move around a little bit

    - Sing to the wall behind the mic, not to the mic itself

    - Remind yourself that you're still singing in open air (if it feels like you're in a box)

    2. Tension

    - Are you holding tension somewhere in your body? Release that tension as much as you're able by stretching and moving those muscles, and think about "sending your breath" to those tight spots.

    - Before you sing, take a moment to establish low, relaxed breathing - and then keep breathing that way once you start to sing. 

    3. Accompaniment

    - Consider recording to the original track (rather than karaoke); or use karaoke instead of singing a capella. Singing with a band and/or guide vocal can help you get in the zone and feel more supported when singing!

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