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    Malki 2 years ago


    What is the average number of hours to record a song plus the recording itself?

    And how long in advance should you book a place in the studio?

    And when do I know I'm ready to record my song?


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    Camille van Niekerk 2 years ago

    Hi, Malki! I'd plan for 1-2 hours of studio time - but since I'm only speaking from experience, I'd ask the studio what the average is. They may give the option to just record, or to mix the track as well. And they should be able to give you timing and pricing for those options. 

    Lead time before booking probably depends on the studio - if they're quite busy, you'd want to book several weeks or months in advance. 

    I'd do some "practice runs" at home (even if it's just recording on your phone). When you know the song completely, feel confident in the way it sounds, and are able to "drop in" to different spots (for example, being able to sing just the last 2 lines of the chorus without needing to sing the whole thing), then I'd say you're ready. 



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