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    Kristyn Blackmon 2 years ago

    hi my tone whenever i sing sounds very flat and week and it doesn't sound good when i hit lower notes or higher notes. Is there a possible way that i can get help for that? Thank you


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    Camille van Niekerk 2 years ago

    Hi Kristyn, we just streamed a live lesson on tone:

    Here are a few ideas on modifying tone as well!

    Two ways to approach modifying your tone: 

    (1) Change registration (chest/mix/head) + use specific physical adjustments (dropped jaw, lifted palate, height of larynx, etc) 

    (2) Using your ear with good tonal models: find singers whose tone you want to emulate, and use your ear to imitate them (as best as you can). Recording yourself + playing back is a good way to see how close you're getting! Doing "impressions" can teach you how to make tonal adjustments with your ear (and brain). Physical adjustments will result (ie: you try to sound like Kermit to Frog, and if you're successful, it doesn't just magically happen: you're constricting your throat in some way, but to get there, the specific sound of Kermit's voice was the goal, not the throat constriction). 

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