30 days Beginner Course(Jonathan Estabrooks) Day 17 Questions

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    Benjamin Tan 3 years ago

    1. He taught me the exercise where it goes 1 - 8 <> - 5 - 3 - 1, but he didn't mention what to do when crescendo and decrescendo.

    Which body part do I use more strength while getting louder and how do I do it?, etc.


    2. at 4:04, the screen writes, 'Air not muscle'. What does that mean? He didn't explain that, or either he explained indirectly and cuz of my inexperience I didn't get it.


    Thanks for the explainations in advance! Have a great day! :D

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    Camille van Niekerk 3 years ago

    Hi, Tan!

    1. The <> symbol means crescendo, then decrescendo, so we can assume that's happening as you sing the 8. You could also crescendo from 1 to 8, and decrescendo on 5-3-1. Whatever fits and sounds musical to you!

    More power can come from increased compression (AKA vocal effort) and/or increased breath support/air resistance. The two go hand in hand, in my experience! 

    Make sure you're adding power with increased bodily engagement, not increased "squeezing" or "pushing" from your throat. The gentle "pushing out" feeling in your low abdomen (of your normal “breath support”) can intensify! If you start singing and then push your belly out, you may feel that happen naturally to get a sense of the relationship between your body support and volume. 

    2. More air/air resistance, rather than just squeezing the vocal folds together to increase volume!


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