Chest to Head Voice with Abram

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    Geki Tatsuro 2 months ago

    Nearly each day I try to do Abrams chest voice exercises. He has a head voice one as well but i feel unsure if its one I "should" do in combination w/the others. I've heard from the tutorials that learning head voice is important. Both workouts together, however, can be rather long. That along with the double takes can be a bit much.

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    Ethanknightt 2 months ago

    I personaly work on what I need to work on for 30mins a day currently I have been working on engaging my support mustles and I notice that most of my other foudnations are staying strong

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    Camille van Niekerk 2 months ago

    Great input, Ethan!

    Geki, I understand that going through all of those exercises would require too much time. Ideally, you'd spend time each day on the skills you're currently working on (areas you feel need improvement) and/or skills required for the songs you're currently singing. For example, if I were a beginning singer with little to no experience singing in head voice, but a decently comfortable and strong chest voice, I'd spend more time working on head voice than chest voice in my daily exercise. If I'm working on a song that uses lots of chest voice, I might spend more time on chest voice warmups and exercises that day. 

    I hope that helps! Hopefully you can mix & match exercises to suit your goals, interests, and time constraints. 

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