Daily Exercises

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    Tan Kerwin 2 years ago

    Hi, Mr/Ms

    I'm totally new to singing, as today was my 4th lessons, but I have a question on daily exercises.

    I realized daily exercise have seperate to 4 parts, have alto, soprano, tenor and bass, I'm a boy, so alto was pretty high pitch for me, So am I just have to do tenor and bass or included alto also ?

    One more question is, how I know that I'm on the same pitch as Teacher's , I feels like I'm lower than what does exercises did.


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    Camille van Niekerk 2 years ago

    Hi Tan, you might not match my pitch exactly - you might be singing 1 octave lower (listen to the piano for your pitch). 

    Try the tenor exercises, and if that's too high for you, try bass!

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