Feel discouraged

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    Kevienadixon16 1 year ago

    Hey Camille,

         I've been using 30 day singer for over 2 months now, close to 3, and even though I know I haven't been using it long, I feel discouraged because I feel like I'm not that good at singing. I know I'm not a good singer but it's just frustrating to hear myself sound like a dying pterodactyl. I am worried even if I practice consistently I will still sound bad. It makes me want to give up, but I love singing and I know not practicing will make it worse. Especially since I told you before I have been trying to learn to sing for years. How do I keep myself encouraged? 

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    Camille van Niekerk 1 year ago

    I hear you! My advice is to set very small, attainable goals, because progress is usually very gradual! Rather than a big, vague goal like "sounding better", create goals like "add one note to my range" or "find 3 songs I can easily sing". Here's some more advice for you: 



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