How can I make my voice sound more realistic?

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    60007139 1 week ago

    Hi my name is Megan, 

    So I am a musician in progress, and I have been told that my voice does not sound like its natural voice. Could someone give me some advice on this?

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    Wallyflint 1 week ago

    Hi Megan. I am also a musician in progress, so I shouldn't be advising you. But I did think of a question you could explore. Does your voice feel like it's your natural voice?

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    Camille van Niekerk 1 week ago

    Good question, Wally! I'd ask the same. Does it feel like you're doing an impression of another singer, or like your singing and speaking voice are totally separate? 

    I recommend doing some speaking-to-singing exercises, like one in this video:

    Here's another short lesson on finding your style as a singer:

    Hope that helps, Megan!

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