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    Craigmmiller35 7 months ago

    I'm encouraged that I seem to be able to sing in tune and with reasonably good sound when I'm singing along with the instructor or to the radio - really good at singing in the shower so to speak. However the wheels seem to fall off when I can't copy the instructor or the voice on the recording. Will this course address this?  I'm just starting out in the beginner lessons so I know I probably have a ways to go but I've known this to be problem from other attempts at singing.  I do play the guitar and saxophone in a band setting so I realize that I will have melodies/rthyhms to key off of in the future but would like to know if the course talks about this at some point?

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    Camille van Niekerk 7 months ago

    For my lessons, I typically demonstrate in my octave and play both my pitch and one octave lower. For male singers, you'll usually be comfortable one octave lower than me (singing along with the piano instead of my voice), though there will be times we all sing in the same octave, and you're always welcome to match my pitch if it's comfortable for you. 

    I don't remember addressing this specific issue, but the instruction is always: sing along with my voice or the lower octave on the piano, whichever is comfortable!

    If a song feels out of reach, you can sing along in a lower octave (though you may need to jump around a bit). I recommend finding a different key that's singable for you:


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