Soft Pallet and tension

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    Jamiefritton 1 year ago

    Hello, i've been using 30 day singer for a while now but something that's been brought to my attention is i have no idea about my vocal anatomy. I mean I've listened to the one lesson on it but i guess i never really grasped it. When I sing I get a lot of tension in my jaw and throat and i am sore for the rest of the day and a i can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Also, I'm struggling on how to lift your soft pallet without getting tension or it being comfortable. I just want to be able to sing clearly without damaging my voice.


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    Abram St Amand Poliakoff 1 year ago


    I would recommend having a one-on-one lesson with me or Camille so we can get a better sense of what you are doing and help work through some strategies to help you with this. The habits we have that make our throat sore when singing can be from a combination of different forces and so in the lesson we can figure out what exactly is going on and work your voice from there.

    In general, I would recommend singing lower in your range for shorter periods of time, and avoiding singing anything too loud for now. If you are pushing and feeling a lot of tension, then take a break and focus on stretching and breathing instead and come back to actaully singing later. Also, when your voice gets tired and raspy, you should give it at least 36 hours until you try singing again so your voice has a chance to relax and clear out the muscle memory. Then start up gradually with gentle warm-ups. Otherwise you might keep the feeling of strain and it can carry over into your next practice. I know how frustrating this can be, so here to help!




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    Abram St Amand Poliakoff 1 year ago

    Also I forgot to mention particularly for soft palate tension you can try to "snore" on purpose gently when it feels tight. This vibrates the palate and helps create some motion and space if its feeling stuck. Then try singing again. Also exercises that go from Uh to NG and then to Gah like HUNGAH are helpful to feel and exercise the palate muscles. Some people even do this help prevent actual snoring at night by tonifying these muscles. 

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