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    Roger Reinhart 3 months ago

    I've been with 30day singer for almost 3yrs now, maybe it should be called 3 year singer? I practice everyday (7days a week, like a good runner... I do not miss a day) with the Beginner Warmups with Camille van Niekerk. I run through all three sections and even work on Performance Warmups prior to any gigs I perform with my band. I still cannot sing to save my life. I can pick up harmonies and sing those just fine and most times nail those harmonies. My guess is some people are lead and cannot sing harmonies and vice versa??? It's frustrating becuase I know how much work I put in but still sound horriable when trying take lead in a song. I can't stand to hear myself. I'm honestly thinking about just throwing in the towel.

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    Camille van Niekerk 3 months ago

    Hi, Roger! I'm sorry you're feeling that way, and I can understand that frustration! Have you considered trying a lesson with Abram or submitting a video for feedback for some more specific guidance from an instructor? Feedback is free and lessons are paid; I'll put links below in case you're interested!



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    Madhumita333 3 months ago

    Hi Roger,

    I'm no singing expert- have only just purchased the 30 day singer course and prior to that I've had just a few singing lessons online. I can't even do the lip trill so I'm looking up on the forum to find some tips. But I am a music teacher (piano, keyboard & harmonium) so know a little bit about music and just want to check in with you about a couple of things. You say you can pick up harmonies fine and nail those harmonies- to me that tells me you can sing. Picking up harmonies isn't an easy thing to achieve let alone nailing them. 

    Another thing- you say you can't stand to hear yourself sing. I had the same problem and told my favourite singer. They said that they also don't like the sound of their own voice, even though I think it's the most divine sound in the universe. What helped for me is singing into a DAW (like garageband) using a good enough microphone, and then adding some basic effects to my voice, like ambience, reverb and a bit of echo. That makes me like it better than just plain- it's like adding make-up to my voice. I'll never sound like my favourite singer, but that would be like an apple trying to be an orange. Some people who are great singers I can't stand their voice. It doesn't mean they are a bad singer. So I haven't heard you sing, but perhaps you just don't like the sound of your voice- but that doesn't mean that no-one likes it. 

    Regarding vocal range- are the songs you are trying to take a lead in within your comfortable range? Have you experimented with other songs in ranges more similar to the harmonies you are singing? Or have you tried making up your own songs and singing them?

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    Camille van Niekerk 3 months ago

    Lots of fantastic advice! Thank you for weighing in, love it!

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