Vocal tension

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    Samanthaleaf4 8 months ago


    I would really like your help on this subject

    I'm singing pretty good thanks to your awesome guidance, but I still can't figure out how to lower the tension in my throat completely... 

    Please advice 🙏

    Thanks again for everything, and thanks in advance for your response

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    Camille van Niekerk 7 months ago

    Hi, Samantha! I'm so happy to hear you're making progress, and I can completely relate to pesky tension in the throat. Can you describe what you're singing when you feel that tension (range, register, pitches, songs, exercises, vowels - however specific you can be)?

    Another good way to get help with this is to submit a video for feedback so Abram or I can hear and see what's happening!

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    Samanthaleaf4 7 months ago

    Hi Camille, thanks for your response! I didn't know I can submit a video, that's a great idea, thank you very much!!! Do I submit it here on the forum, like in the response section? 

    the problem, in my humble opinion, with is with my breath, I'm doing all the exercises but still can't fully sing from down there... It feels like, no matter what I do I still press my vocal cords to much, I don't know how to release the tension there. 

    Another thing, I don't know if it has to do with the breath or not, but I'm doing all of the practices and still sometimes I have problems with my pitch... 

    Btw my name is Sam, this is my wife's emil, sorry for deceiving you like that 😜

    And again thank you so much for relating and being the great instructor that you are! 

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    Camille van Niekerk 7 months ago

    Sure thing, Sam! Thank you so much, and I'm honored to help!

    Here's the feedback page (the tab is called "singing feedback" on the lefthand side of your home page): https://www.30daysinger.com/feedback

    Abram or I will be happy to assess and give you video feedback there!

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