Walking while singing and breath support

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    Jared 4 months ago

    Hello Camille! I hope you and everyone at 40 Day Singer are doing well!

    I love walking. When I'm doing my vocal exercises, warmups, song work, etc., I always seem to finding myself walking around while doing them. I'm not sure if that can effect my singing in a negative way though. 

    Also, I came up with a cue to help with breath support but want to make sure it is effective. Of course, I breath in as much as possible before singing (is there as such thing as breathing in too much??), but as I'm singing, I imagine that my stomach is still expanding while singing. This keeps my abdominals from caving in. But I'm not sure if the opposite would be a bad thing as well. Can expanding abs while using breath inhibit breath support? It almost seems like the higher inner volume would decrease air pressure or something like that.


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    Camille van Niekerk 4 months ago

    Hi, Jared! Walking is a great idea - many singers have to dance and incorporate movement when they sing. It also keeps your body "loose" and active! You may find that for difficult techniques, you'll want to stand still to focus, but maybe not. Do what feels right to you!

    Many singers find the concept of continued expansion helpful! It's not so much that we actually expand while singing, but that we don't collapse. "Imagine" is the keyword! Other singers focus on a slow and steady contracting inward with the low belly. I encourage you to try both techniques and see which feels the best for you. Just make sure, no matter what your low belly does, that your upper belly isn't tightening inward.

    It is possible to overbreathe (taking in more air than you can use for that phrase, causing the vocal folds & throat to work unnecessarily hard to hold that air back). The goal is to take in enough air for the phrase you're about to sing!


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