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  • I
    Inmar 4 years ago

    my concern is that I bought the month to month and started doing the lessons and the next day the website told me I I need full access help please

  • B
    Billy 4 years ago

    Hi there,

    I understand your frustration here. We will be able to solve this for you really quickly! Simply send an email to [email protected]

    And we'll help you out!

  • Z
    Zane 4 years ago

    I need help with making a reall good song that people would actually go to my concert and sing along.


  • C
    Camille espiritu 4 years ago

    Hi Zane, 

    That's a really fantastic goal! While we don't have a lesson on songwriting yet, here are is some advice:

    1. Find your inspiration and write about that. When you write about what real-life feelings and events, you give the audience something personal and relatable. 

    2.You can start with something very simple. The catchiest songs are simple and memorable. Don't overthink it, just write what you feel and continue to build on it.

    3. Work with other musicians. You can have great lyrics, but you do need a catchy tune to go along with it. If you don't play any instruments, you should team up with a musician who can help you find the best melody.

    4. Practice and share with friends/family. As you build on the song, feel free to share it and get feedback directly from people you trust to tell you the truth!

    Hopefully these help with starting the process of creating your ultimate sing-along song!




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