Can't Carry a Tune

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    Diane Whiteley 4 years ago

    Hi Camille,

    I just began the beginner course today.  I've been told I can't carry a tune.  I do know, however, when I go off key (at least some of the time...).  So, I think there is hope for me.  My piano teacher friend also thinks so and has encouraged me to give it a try.  Do you have any tips for me?

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    Camille van Niekerk 4 years ago

    Hi, Diane!

    It's great that you can tell when you're going off key - that's the first step to correcting it! The next step would be learning whether you are sharp (above the desired pitch) or flat (below the desired pitch), so you know how to adjust. 

    My first recommendation is that you work on matching pitch with a free tuning app. A singer friend of mine made a great video on how to do that: You'll be able to visually see if you're below or above the desired pitch. 

    My second recommendation is to practice with songs that have a somewhat limited range. That way, you're not overwhelmed with intonation over a wide range.

    Finally, I'd ask if you're comfortable singing in chest voice and head voice, and whether you can easily navigate between the two. Singers often have "pitch issues" when they try to sing a very high note in chest voice - and really, it's more of a registration issue, because they can easily sing that same pitch in head voice. 

    Best of luck!


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