Congestion Develops on Singing Higher

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    Geordie 4 years ago

    Hello. As I practice singing high up the scale towards G4 I find that my voice gets congested and my nasal passage becomes partially blocked. What is causing this and how do I go about overcoming or fixing this problem. It is separate to my voice breaking or flipping. It's just a mess up as I keep practicing the more it happens. Finally I need to clean my nasal passages and clear my throat. Tx Geordie

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    Camille van Niekerk 4 years ago

    Hi, Geordie!

    I can imagine that the vibration in your throat and nasal passage may be shaking some mucus loose. I haven't experienced the nasal congestion, but I've definitely experienced phlegm coming up when I'm warming up, and feeling the need to clear my throat. 

    In reality, if there's excess mucus/phlegm there, we want it gone! Do you have allergies? Or do you notice congestion/postnasal drip at other times? 

    Although I'm not a doctor, I'd recommend looking into a saline sinus rinse to irrigate your nasal passage. Many singers swear by this, and my go-to laryngologist (Dr. Reena Gupta, here in LA) advises daily sinus rinsing. Here's my favorite brand:

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