I'm Completely messed up

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    Amr Rashad 4 years ago

    First of all this is my first day or to more clear the first hour....

    I've got no clue about singing at all I'm here trying to improve my by adding vocals to rap tracks to make it way better. But I need some help with a vew points.

    1- Since I'm a smoker, when I try singing I just keep on coughing and it feels that my throught is bocked and the same with my nose

    2- Can't seem to work on different notes and brrrrrttt mouth training or the mouth bubble training she used around 3 pitches I can't seem to train with different pitches my pitch is montone

    3- After I'm done with lessons 1, and Jumped to to lesson 2  while working lesson 2 I started feeling some kind of tingling sensation that feels like a burn or so in Adam's apple. so i stopped. is that normal ?

    4- Is it okay if I work on a few lessons a day or should I just keep it 1 a day ?  


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    Camille espiritu 4 years ago

    Hi Amr,

    You came to the right place with your questions! Hope these help.

    1 - Smoking irritates and inflames the throat & vocal folds; I know it's extremely difficult, but I'd hope that cutting back or switching to a vape with nicotine would help! I'm not a doctor, and maybe some other singers who smoke have some tips, but my only advice is to focus on the main problem (smoking). 

    2 - Are you able to match pitch? Can you slide from low to high or high to low? Don't worry about the lip trill: always do what works for you! It could be a hum or any of the lip trill alternatives (like a "vv"). 


    3 - It's good you stopped when you felt pain! It sounds like you'd worked your voice enough for the day. Give yourself plenty of vocal rest and water, and build stamina gradually. If it hurts, stop!
    4 - It is more than okay to work a few lessons a day if you feel comfortable, and as suggested above, if it does not hurt. There may be some lessons that are a breeze for you, and some that you should take your time with, until you feel comfortable. Be cautious and take note of how you're feeling as you go through each lesson.
    If anything else comes up, please let us know!
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    Amr Rashad 4 years ago

    Thank alot for these amazing tips. They've helped me alot thanks. 

    as for my nose. I feel it's kinda blocked, and blocking the sound from going out right. Not the nose its self, but something from the inside.

    Is that even a thing because I don't know.

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    Camille espiritu 4 years ago

    Hey Amr,

    I'm happy that these are useful tips! I'm stumped on the issue with your nose, and it seems like maybe you should meet with a medical professional to sort that part out. I hope that everything's alright!




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    Timothy Pierce 4 years ago


    Have you tried gently pinching your cheeks with two fingers? One on each of your cheeks to get the bubble sound?

    Also, if you try vaping be very careful about what kind of flavors you do. I think you should avoid the flavors at all if possible. I think that is what is causing so many people to get sick from the vaping.

    Good luck friend! 

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