Shaky voice and borderline off pitch

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    Justin 4 years ago


    I'm an absolute beginner but I love to sing in the car and shower (male). 
    Last week I thought I could actually sing a bit (it sounds good when I hear myself singalong with a song). But then I recoreded myself.. Oh dear. That was not good. 

    I have a very shaky voice and it is borderline off pitch. I can't have a smooth voice, its always vibrating a bit. It's hard to explain. Where should I begin with the course? And is this just my shitty voice? Or can I change? And how long would you rekon I need to make some changes? 

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    Camille van Niekerk 4 years ago

    Hi, Justin!

    Let me assure you that nearly EVERYONE hates the sound of their own voice - even advanced singers, and even some professional singers. The only reason I can stand to edit my own vocals is because I've been listening to myself for years now, and I'm used to it. But just know that it's totally normal, especially in the beginning!

    Are you able to sustain a pitch without any shaking/vibrato when you hum or sing on a lip trill? If your voice keeps "shaking", it might be what we call a tremolo (or an overly fast vibrato). I cover tremolos in this tutorial: But I'd recommend you actually complete my first tutorial on vibrato before that:

    The Beginner Course with Jonathan is a great place to start, because you'll learn the foundation of healthy singing technique and gradually work on higher level skills. You should begin to hear improvements over the course of those 30 days! There are some aspects of our voice that are innate, like our natural tone. But there are so many elements that you can improve upon: intonation, breath control, stamina, range, agility, and the list goes on. 

    I'm excited for you! Please check back in and keep us posted!



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