Laryngeal strobe - Highly Recommended!

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    Seann 2 months ago

    Hi 30DS Family! 


    Laryngeal strobe 

    I went to an ENT yesterday 
    It's not cancer - that was the first test.
     When ENT doc put the camera through my nose and down the back to my larynx and gave me a Shure 58 and got me singing vowels (he sung too!) it was amazing to watch my vocal folds move in slow motion.
    In the end the prescription is a mix of saline, flixinase and warm water rinse daily for a month and to continue using it as a singer. 
    I definitely recommend an ENT strobe for all singers.
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    Camille van Niekerk 2 months ago

    That's wonderful news! Feel free to keep us updated, Seann! Sinus rinses for the win :)

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