Larynx Position in Mixed Voice

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    Marley Liu 3 years ago

    Hi Camille,

    So I'm still training to strengthen my mixed voice and I notice that when I intentionally try and drop the larynx the sound becomes breathier. Is this supposed to happen? How does larynx position affect tone and sound quality when mixing ? What I notice from all those nasalized sounds that help train mix (like "nae"), there isn't much effort to drop the larynx. Is does a stronger mix come from a slightly higher larynx position so that the sound is concentrated more in the nasal cavity then?


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    Camille van Niekerk 3 years ago

    If we drop the larynx a lot, that can "flip" us into more of a head voice. The key for mix is maintaining that UH larynx position without it being too "dopey" (low) or "shouty" (high). 

    The "nae" sounds are great for learning the muscle coordination needed, and while you do sing with a higher larynx for those nasal sounds, it's not shouty. 

    If you like singing on "nae", try deepening the tone by singing on "neh" as in "net". Eventually, sing on "nuh". Hope that helps!

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