Notes for Feb. 14 2022 Live lesson

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    Camille van Niekerk 2 years ago

    Song examples: Always (Irving Berlin), Danny Boy, Someone to watch over me 



    Overall: soft, speech-level, louder

    For each phrase/section, what’s the dynamic arc?

    Abrupt dynamic change (soft to loud, vice versa)


    Onset (balanced is default; breathy, glottal - uh-oh, fry for stylistic effect)

    Intentional voice cracks



    Swung vs straight eighths; inserting triplets

    Back phrasing: intentionally ahead of or behind the beat vs. right on the beat

    Where to breathe?



    Legato over all, staccato or tenuto for emphasis

    Vibrato vs straight tone


    Diction (pronunciation)

    How percussive are our consonants?

    Mouth posture (open/closed/casual)

    Softening certain consonants

    Vowel color (dark or bright)



    Varying the rhythm

    Changing one pitch (at first)

    Emphasize a specific word/phrase by varying the melody

    Text painting (singing louder when your lyrics have intensity, or doing the opposite!)

    Instrumental sections: vocalize (hum)

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