Right way to work with the exercises.

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    Lucajung1 2 years ago


    Im 2 weeks in into the programm and im a little bit confused how to include all thoose exercises into my Training. I Practice 2 hours daily. Usually i start with the Video, then Warm up with the Tenor Warm Up routine and practice a Song after. Im not really sure on how i should use excercises like for example the Yawny Yaw or the excercise for Chord Closure

    Are all thoose exercises you teach, simply for the purpose of warming up the Voice? Or do they Change/Improve my Voice over time, like a workout for muscles? Should i practise each and every one of them consistently, after i warmed up?

    Just a little bit confused on what exactly theese excercises do , how i should use them and for how long. Besides that Great Programm!


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    Camille van Niekerk 2 years ago

    Hi, Luca! Each exercise serves both as a warmup and training of some kind. You can download the exercise mp3's to create your own warmup, especially with exercises that work well for your voice and help you with a skill you're working on. Please see below for more advice!


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    Priti Chowdhary 2 years ago

    Very helpful. Will try it for my kid he is learning western vocals currently.

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