Weird thing happens to me when I do runs

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    Manar 2 years ago


    so the weirdest thing happens to me when I do runs is that when I practiced a certain run it comes weird when I put it in a song do you understand me ? I don't know how to describe this but it sound weird when I put the run that I practiced in a song..

    Like for example in Bruno Mars song (when I was your Man) in the verse part where he sings "take you to every party, cause all you wanted to do was dance" the run in the word "dance" I can do it perfectly when I practiced the word "dance" in a run alone but when I use it in the song the transition between "was" and "dance" comes a little bit weird like there's a small teeny tiny stop between "was" and "dance" but I know that I'm not stopping it but it just happen.. 

    I hope you understood my problem because I really don't know what it is plus english is not my first language so it was really hard for me to describe the problem that I'm having

    thank you

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    Camille van Niekerk 2 years ago

    That makes sense, Manar! I'd practice that full line slowly, without music - and make sure you're certain of the interval between "was" and "dance". You can get it!

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