Breaking into falsetto/going too low

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    Ludwig 4 years ago

    Hi, I' om on lesson 8 with Jonathan Estabrooks, the warmup with the song and I find that even though I do fine with the yah/ah , when I ty to sing the lyrics, I tend to break into a falsetto, limiting my range. If I take it down a register, I'm in the range of a tenor/baritone, which initially feels and sounds quite well (though much deeper than Jonathan's performance), but I cannot finish the second phrase, because it goes own too far.

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    Camille van Niekerk 4 years ago

    Hey Ludwig!

    If you can sing the melody on a syllable or vowel, but have trouble with the lyrics, that tells us that the issue is not with the range or melody, but with the lyrics themselves!

    See if you can slow down and pinpoint exactly where you're breaking into falsetto. If you have enough breath to support the phrase, usually the issue is a too-narrow vowel or an unvoiced consonant (and sometimes both). See below for tips!

    • Modify OO & EE vowels to be more open. (OO and EE are falsetto-friendly vowels, and they'll naturally go to head voice in your upper register unless you keep them more open, with a dropped jaw).
    • Consonants: if a lyric is giving you trouble (cracking or going into falsetto when you want a stronger mix), replace unvoiced consonants with voiced consonants (see below)


    Substitutions for unvoiced to voiced consonants












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