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    Maike 3 years ago

    Hello, as there are so many belting videos here, I am a little bit confused by now. So my question is: Is the technique presented in the video "How to belt by Mark Mekailian" also a healthy belting technique and can I sing with these technique every day without any voice damage?

    Thank you very much!

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    Camille van Niekerk 3 years ago

    Hi, Maike! Different singers use different belting techniques. However you belt, though, it's a high-pressure mode of singing. It's naturally going to be more taxing for your voice. So I encourage you to limit your belting practice to a short amount of time, and take a break when you get tired! See below for my advice on belting. 

    Belting technique - general reminders:
    - It's safe to either have a tall + narrow mouth position OR short + wide, but not tall and wide (that's when we get into unhealthy "shouting" territory. 
    - Remember to take a FULL breath before a challenging phrase or note!
    - Squat or engage the lower body on the high note. 
    - BEFORE working on a song, make sure you're thoroughly warmed up.
    Don't overdo it: belting does put more stress on your voice. Better to do a little bit of belting a day, over several days, than to do a lot at one time. You can always "mark" the melody in head/mix when you just want to work on notes and rhythms.
    - It will not get easier overnight, and the tone will probably be less than ideal (at first). Remember, your voice wants to be in head voice for high notes because it's easier! To belt is to work outside of your natural comfort zone. 

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