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    MOUNA 4 years ago
    hi,in which situations should i use the head or the chest voice? And how can i mix both registers?
    thank you


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    Camille van Niekerk 4 years ago

    Hi, Mouna! Head voice should be used for higher pitches, and/or when you want a lighter or brighter tone. Chest voice should be used for lower pitches, and/or when you want a fuller or heavier sound. Most female identifying singers will have a natural shift (passaggio) between chest and head register between Eb4 and Ab4. 

    To access mixed coordination, we need to retain the strength & compression of chest voice, while allowing the sound to "lighten" and the cords to stretch (as they naturally do for head voice). The easiest way to find that, for most singers, is to sing on a strong, medium volume MUM: letting your voice lighten slightly for higher pitches, but not breaking into complete falsetto (airy and noticeably softer). Hope that helps!

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