What voice type am I?

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    Doug 4 years ago

    I just did a test using our piano to try understand what type of voice I am. I am somewhat confused and can use your expert advice. 

    When I just open my mouth and sing aah, my note is somewhere around a G2.
    When I then sing aah at my highest note without straining, it is somewhere around an E5.
    And my my lowest is E2.

    The results show I cross bass, baritone, and tenor. 
    However, my chest voice stops at around b3 or c3. Higher up from there and the tonal quality of the notes is not so great. 

    Any advice? 


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    Camille van Niekerk 4 years ago

    Hi, Doug!

    Based on what you've shared, I'd definitely place you as a bass/baritone. In addition to range, you'll want to consider tessitura to narrow it down further (although many low-voiced singers identify as a bass/baritone or a bari/bass and sing both parts). Tessitura is the range in which you sound your best and feel most comfortable singing. If the lower half of your range is most comfortable, you're probably more of a bass! If the upper half is most comfortable, you're probably more of a baritone. But again, it's not totally necessary to narrow it down further than "bari/bass" or "bass/bari". 

    Keep in mind, also, that your vocal type may change with time and training - and it can also vary depending on style. For example, I usually sing alto for pop and choral music, but I'm more of a mezzo-soprano for classical and musical theater rep. Hope that helps!

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