Online Singing Lessons With Camille van Niekerk

Camille van Niekerk is a singer, writer and vocal instructor in Southern California. She loves sharing the beauty and joy of music with others, whether through performance or teaching.
Camille began studying voice and performing in musicals at age seven. In 2010, Camille began working towards her BA in Music Education at Azusa Pacific University, where she studied classical voice with Rebecca Genzink and jazz voice with Kristin Korb and John Proulx. Camille graduated Summa cum laude with a 3.98 GPA. She then earned her teaching credential from San Diego State University and taught classroom choral and instrumental music. Shortly after moving to LA county, Camille began her private vocal studio, providing vocal coaching, ear training, and recording for students of all ages.
Camille is a dedicated musician and a passionate teacher. She is constantly refining her skills and methods for greater versatility and effectiveness. When she is not teaching, Camille enjoys singing with the L.A. Choral Lab and Ensoma Creative. She lives in San Diego with her husband and loves going to the beach, practicing yoga, reading, and cooking.
You can follow Camille on Instagram, see Camille’s live, one take covers at, and follow her singing in Afrikaans at


Belting Fundamentals

By Camille van Niekerk

Belting fundamentals we're covering today: Feel + use your abdominal muscles - Find your mix with medium/centered vowels - Adjust your vowels

Working with Consonants

By Camille van Niekerk

In this lesson Camille will discuss: Hard, Medium, and Soft consonants and how to apply them. Substitutions for unvoiced to voiced consonants.

Vowels Workshop

By Camille van Niekerk

Camille will go into detail on how vowels work while we sing!

Song Work

By Camille van Niekerk

In this video, instructor Camille van Niekerk walks you through how to apply warmups to song work, and how to choose a good key for your range.

Easy Vocal Harmony

By Camille van Niekerk

In this video, instructor Camille van Niekerk covers: Singing a note other than the one being played or sung. Choosing a harmony that sounds good with both the melody and the chords.

Music Theory for Beginners

By Camille van Niekerk

Join instructor Camille van Niekerk for an overview of music theory for beginners!

How to find your range/voice type

By Camille van Niekerk

Join vocal coach Camille van Niekerk to find your range! Define important terms - Find your range. -Choosing good songs for your voice.

Mixed Voice Live Lesson

By Camille van Niekerk

Join Camille for a lesson on singing with a mixed voice: - Defining mixed registration (and why it's so important)- Foundations + prerequisites of mixing - Developing your chest voice mix and head voice mix - Examples of each

Camille's Live Lesson: How to Tell You're Singing In Tune

By Camille van Niekerk

Today is all about singing in tune with instructor Camille van Niekerk!

Pop Stylization

By Camille van Niekerk

Get your questions answered by instructor Camille van Niekerk on pop stylization and more!

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