30 Day Singer Live Streams


Vocal Harmony Series - Week 3 of 3 - LIVE

Learn simple harmonies to well-known songs and practice holding your part!


Beat & Rhythm for Beginning Singers

By Camille van Niekerk

In this video we will be diving into: -Defining beat & identifying the beat in any song -Beat vs. rhythm -Meter (aka: time signature) -Tempo & practicing with a metronome -And MORE!

A Capella Singing & Advanced Intonation

By Camille van Niekerk

Agenda: - Definition & examples of a capella singing - Should beginners practice a capella? - The unique demands of a capella singing - Staying in tune - "Blending" with other singers (tone and vowel shape) - Dynamics and phrasing in a capella music

HOW TO: Find the Best Key for Your Voice

By Camille van Niekerk

In this video: - What a "key" is - How to determine what key your song is in - How to decide which key is best for you - Finding your range - Analyzing the range of the melody - Transposing karaoke tracks with free tools online - Apps that can help you transpose or edit tracks

Vocal Phrasing for Beginners

By Camille van Niekerk

In this Live Lesson you'll learn: What is phrasing, and why is it important? How to determine phrases. How to end phrases (release, vibrato, and other stylistic choices). And you'll get an intro to "back phrasing."

How To Improve Quickly! For Beginning Singers

By Camille van Niekerk

Join voice teacher Camille van Niekerk for some beginner-friendly advice on making rapid improvement with your singing.

Improvising Your Own Riffs for Beginner & Intermediate Singers

By Camille van Niekerk

In this live lesson, Camille will be going over riffing from one pitch to the next (within the melody), embellishing a pitch (and landing back on that same pitch), riffing at the ends of phrases, stepwise riffs and riffs with leaps.

Christmas Caroling Made Easy For Beginners

By Camille van Niekerk

Learn the melody of Christmas classics! Helpful tips on phrasing and vowel modification for beginning singers. Key suggestions for each voice type (and starting pitches within those keys).

Mariah Carey Christmas RIFFS & RUNS

By Camille van Niekerk

-Break down riffs and runs from Mariah’s “Merry Christmas” album. Learn the pitches, practice each riff in sections and gradually increase speed. Plus, helpful tips to keep practicing on your own.

Jazz Singing New Years Classics Made Easy

By Camille van Niekerk

Jazz singing with New Year's classics Elements of jazz style: - Limited vibrato - Back phrasing - Embellishments (bends, trills, slides, etc) - Chromaticism -Songs: Fly Me To The Moon, Hallelujah I Love Him So, and Summertime

Easy Songs For Beginners

By Camille van Niekerk

These great songs for beginners all have: - Easy melody - Uncomplicated rhythms - Limited range - Karaoke tracks widely available

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