Ear Training & Harmony

Welcome to the Ear Training and Harmony section of 30 Day Singer. Here you can find guidance on popular vocal concerns, like singing in tune, ear training, and how to sing in harmony. It's important for singers to learn ear training in order to recognize pitches - or your ability to recognize a note and replicate that sound. This opens up your ability to improve your intonation and rhythmic skills, improving your musicality and making it so you can harmonize easily with other singers. This is also key to learning and performing songs.


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Introduction to Harmonizing

By O&O

Watch this special tutorial on harmonizing from the professional Country/American duo O&O!

Pitch & Intonation

By Jonathan Estabrooks

Pitch and intonation are essential to great vocal technique. Jonathan will show you how to effectively improve your pitch and intonation..

Practice Routine for Better Intonation (Singers Who Struggle with Pitch)

By Camille van Niekerk

If you struggle with pitch accuracy, this is for you! Singers of any experience level are welcome. Join me in learning a practice routine for better intonation.

HOW TO: Find the Best Key for Your Voice

By Camille van Niekerk

In this video: - What a "key" is - How to determine what key your song is in - How to decide which key is best for you - Finding your range - Analyzing the range of the melody - Transposing karaoke tracks with free tools online - Apps that can help you transpose or edit tracks

A Capella Singing & Advanced Intonation

By Camille van Niekerk

Agenda: - Definition & examples of a capella singing - Should beginners practice a capella? - The unique demands of a capella singing - Staying in tune - "Blending" with other singers (tone and vowel shape) - Dynamics and phrasing in a capella music

Beat & Rhythm for Beginning Singers

By Camille van Niekerk

In this video we will be diving into: -Defining beat & identifying the beat in any song -Beat vs. rhythm -Meter (aka: time signature) -Tempo & practicing with a metronome -And MORE!

Minor keys, Scales, and Chords

By Camille van Niekerk

What is a minor key? Minor scale pattern: WHWWHWW. Relative minor (shared key signatures). Minor chords. Vocal exercises in minor keys. Song examples in minor keys.

Ear Training for Harmony

By Camille van Niekerk

Today our instructor Camille goes over some key aspects of ear training for harmony. - How to find the key of a song - Singing the pitches within a chord - Hearing + singing thirds, fourths, and fifths - Mapping out the melody - Building harmonies.

Performance Prep

By Camille van Niekerk

We'll cover: - Song selection - Accompaniment - Steps to rehearse + polish your performance - Confidence + nerves - Debriefing a good (or bad) performance + improving for next time

Easy Vocal Harmony

By Camille van Niekerk

In this video, instructor Camille van Niekerk covers: Singing a note other than the one being played or sung. Choosing a harmony that sounds good with both the melody and the chords.

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