Can't go to head voice

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    Ori B 3 years ago

    Hi I'm new here and I 14 years old and my voice change 

    so when I try to go to the head voice

    he goes really high and then

    I can't talk

    what can I do to fix it?

     how do I get to sing with a head voice for a long time?

    and when I was young I go to a high voice easily

    there is a technic to get this voice back?

    also, I'm stuck in the 4 videos in the:

    how to sing like a pop star course cause I can't go to that levels of the voice 

    how can I go to these levels?

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    Camille van Niekerk 3 years ago

    Hi, Ori! I recommend you start with my beginner course. You'll learn about your voice and get a good foundation in vocal technique! 

    For accessing your head voice, sing lightly and quietly; we use an "owl hoot" sound in the beginner course. Over time, it'll become easier to access and sustain!

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