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    Ben Martin 4 years ago

    Welcome to the new website, everyone! Introduce yourself here when you get a chance!

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    Joseph Neldo 4 years ago

    Hi am Neldo and am new here I want to learn how to become a better and good singer and I also want to have a good and sweet singing voice thank you 

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    Billy 4 years ago

    Hi Joseph,

    You came to the right place. Make sure to check out our beginner course for the best way to get started singing. Check them out here: https://www.30daysinger.com/beginner

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    Victor 4 years ago

    Hello, i am Victor. i like the platform and i'm looking foward to kick off the training steering to music as my career. Shukran

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    Camille espiritu 4 years ago

    Nice to have you, Victor! Let us know if you have any questions. A great place to start is our beginner course with Jonathan Estabrooks: https://www.30daysinger.com/tutorial/30-day-beginner-course-with-jonathan-estabrooks/1

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    Chelsea Staples 4 years ago

    Hi My Name is Chelsea! I'm new here. My goal is to improve my singing voice and to get over the fear of singing in front of people. 


    I'm looking forward to connecting with you :) 

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    Brandee butler 4 years ago

    Hello everyone, I'm Brandee or just DD from Colorado. I  was  a 1st soprano... an unfortunate accident with my voice happened and now, well, let's just say I can hit an E2 almost an E4 ( Josh Turner) or Well even better, the note Sheer-Khan hits in the jungle book during "" Friends" song... , yeah, ik women  arent supposed to be able to hit notes that low. 

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    Brian 4 years ago

    Hi Everyone ,

     I new here in my 50s but want to learn to sing 


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    Elfa Kristin Sigurðardóttir 4 years ago

    Hi all,


    I am from Iceland and I really want to learn to sing

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    Timothy Dufrene 4 years ago


    Hello all,

    My name is Tim and I'm 59 years old. I have been playing guitar for many years and decided its time to learn to sing. I've tried many times but it always sounds terrible at least to me. I have a very good ear for music which is how I learned to play guitar and piano, "can't read music", so I can't understand why I struggle with singing. My hope is to  learn enough to feel confident and be able to sing along with my playing. I like country and modern bluegrass mostly, Allison Krauss and Union Station fan here! I'm using Jon Statham as my instructor. Wish me luck!

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