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    Camille 10 months ago

    Thanks for watching our lessons! We're happy to answer any and all questions you may have here.

    We promise to answer them as soon as we can - happy singing!

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    Tom Alex 10 months ago

    Hey there I’m trying to acces the bonus course I receive when I purchase the 30day dining but it won’t allow me to proceed.. saying need to get full course or full acces 

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    Jake Gustafson 10 months ago

    Hey Tom Alex,

    So sorry about that. You should be able to access that lesson now here:

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    Rob LaMorgese 10 months ago

    I have just started. As I went through the vocal warmup in Camille's beginner course my whole body started to tingle. By the end of each warmup run through the tingling was very intense. After a little time of not doing the warm up, body sensations returned to normal.

    Is this related to incorrect breathing on my part? Or will this go away with time and practice?

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    Camille espiritu 10 months ago

    Hi Rob,

    This might be an issue with your breath control or not stretching out your body.

    If it's related to breathing, please make sure your breathing is low and relaxed, but not a super big breath to where you are over-breathing. Taking huge breaths or holding your breath could make you light-headed. 

    Another thing that might be causing the tingling is due to stretching. It could be your body is not accustomed to this yet. 

    Try breath control first and see if that alleviates the tingling sensations. 

    Hopefully this helps!

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    Rob LaMorgese 10 months ago

    Thanks, Camille! I think I was taking huge breaths and exhaling too forcefully. Dialing both back has seemed to help with the issue.

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    Hanna Miranda 10 months ago


    Hi! I was wondering if you have a lesson on harmonizing? I'm trying to learn how to but I'm having trouble.

  • B
    Billy 10 months ago

    Hi Hanna,

    We do have a lesson on harmonizing. Check it out here: 

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    Billy 9 months ago

    Hi Chad, 

    Do you mean, you're having trouble knowing which lesson to take next? Did you finish the 30 day beginner course already? 

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