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    Bobc1733 4 months ago

    I'm on Day 3 with Ms. Camille van Niekerk. Camille is an exceptionally good singer and instructor. Her range is my problem. You know those tenor lip trills and OOH and MUM warm ups? 

    Before going on, I must explain: I've been playing guitar for some time. When I think about the pitch of notes, I'm thinking guitar notes which are not the same as piano notes, that is, on sheet music. 

    The highest I was able to go before taking these lessons was F, the one that is 2 whole notes below A440. Camille tops out at a note that is better than an octave higher than my pathetic F. So when doing the trills, OOHs and MUMs I have had to stop where Camille keeps going up and up and up to notes that are impossible for mere humans to sing. 

    Now, that was until today. I was practicing a piece that I can easily play on my guitar but singing it was not so easy for me. Its got a G that is one whole tone below A440. A whole note above my ceiling.

    I nailed it. Hmn. Ms. Camille stretched my range up by 1 whole tone without my knowing it until I tried it on a real piece of music. I can now nail that G everytime, so its no fluk. The fish not the instrument. 

    A440 is now my new no can do. I could care less about getting my range stretched any further. I'm old rocker not an opera singer for heaven sakes.

    I noticed quite a few of you'all have the same problem. Just keep practicing but quite before you hurt yourself. Your range will get stretched and in much less time than you imagine.

    I'm going to keep practicing. Wanna know what? Bocelli may find he has some serious competition at his door. Haha.

    To you boys and girls that run the show around here: You have great course here. I am so glad you made me give you $99 more dollars for a year's subsciption. I kept holding out until I got that "you'd better act now, or you are going to be paying $30 months every month" message. I thought to myself, these dudes know to sing and teach and sell. Thank you very much.

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    Camille van Niekerk 4 months ago

    I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying the lessons! I think you'll love Abram's courses (link below) as well, and he demonstrates in a range you'll find comfortable :)


    Keep up the great work!


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