How to stay in tune.

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    Noel kenny 4 years ago


    I have just signed up for the course as I liked the sound of it, but wondering if there is any chance it will help me  

    I have searched through the lessons to find a section that will help me to know what notes to sing, and to stay in tune/ pitch in any song I want to sing  

    I can’t find anything that answers this, and I thinght singing the right notes would be a primary skill to teach - before breathing or tone or extending range  

    not sure I am explaining myself properly but hope you can help  



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    Billy 4 years ago

    Hi Noel, 

    I highly suggest you first start with our beginner course, which goes over everything you're looking for in a simple, and easy-to-understand method. It starts off with simple concepts and builds upon them day after day. 

    Check it out here:

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