Getting the range right for online lessons

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    Daniel Anderson-Deakin 3 years ago

    Hi, as it seems like everyone has different vocal ranges. I'm not sure how when you make a video exercise for everyone it caters for all ranges? How do you make sure you're doing the exercises in your range with the online lessons? And how much do vocal ranges differ between people of the same sex and different sexes?

    Sorry for so many questions! Thanks so much in advance!

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    Camille van Niekerk 3 years ago

    In any videos intended for all singers, I make sure to cover the range that most people can sing (given that extremely low and extremely high voices are less common). My advice is to sing in the range that's most comfortable for you! Most female singers will be comfortable singing with me, and males singing the octave below (which I typically play on the piano). Here's an article on finding your range, with different ranges listed:

    And another you may enjoy:

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