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    Frankie 4 years ago

    Any course recommendations for that dark falsetto tone like John Legend? 

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    Billy 4 years ago

    Hi Frankie,

    We don't have a tutorial on John Legend, but we do have lessons on other male artists here: https://www.30daysinger.com/tutorial/singing-in-the-style-of-your-favorite-male-singers/1

    If you're a beginner singer, I also recommend taking Jonathan Estabrook's course to really help and hone your voice. Check it out here: https://www.30daysinger.com/beginner

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    Camille van Niekerk 4 years ago

    Hey, Frankie!

    I'd experiment with a slightly lower larynx and a higher soft palate. Both of those adjustments will create a bit more resonant space that can help you achieve a darker tone! Feel free to book a lesson if you'd like some personalized feedback on your singing. 

    - Camille

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