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First, with a deep belly breath: inhale one arm up, and stretch over to one side. Release the neck and enjoy this side stretch. Full, relaxed inhale, bringing your opposite arm up, and find that stretch on the other side. Last time: inhale lengthen your spin, and sigh on your exhale: [sigh]. 
We’ll begin singing with a sighing hum. Although your mouth is closed, keep space inside as if you were singing an “ah” vowel. Nice and relaxed!
[Exercise: Sighing hum 5-1-5]
Now with a round, spacious OO vowel. Maintain some yawn space in the back of your throat so the soft palate lifts. 
[Exercise: HOO 1-3-5]
Sticking with the OO vowel, add an initial “G” sound for this next one. The “g” brings our vocal folds together, so we can train strong cord closure. 
[Exercise: GOO 5-3-1]
Final warmup: a relaxing lip trill. Connect to your breath support muscles so your body is active, but your throat and face stay relaxed. 
[Exercise: Lip trill 1-3-1]
See you in part 1! 


Instructor: Camille van Niekerk

Camille van Niekerk is a singer, writer and vocal instructor in Southern California. Camille began studying voice and performing in musicals at age seven. In 2010, Camille began working towards her BA in Music Education at Azusa Pacific University. She then earned her teaching credential from San Diego State University and taught classroom choral and instrumental music. Shortly after moving to LA county, Camille began her private vocal studio, providing vocal coaching, ear training, and recording for students of all ages. She is constantly refining her skills and methods for greater versatility and effectiveness. When she is not teaching, Camille enjoys singing with the L.A. Choral Lab and Ensoma Creative. She lives in San Diego with her husband and loves going to the beach, practicing yoga, reading, and cooking.