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In part 2, we learned about thirds. I bet you can guess what’s coming next. 
Fourths and fifths! Now, there are a handful of intervals that are not major and minor. Unison, fourths, fifths, and octaves are called “perfect”. 
So let’s sing a perfect fourth, on numbers: [1 4 + echo]. Now sing the interval name: [perfect fourth + echo]. Next up: perfect fifth. On numbers: [1 5 + echo]. And with the name: [perfect fifth + echo]. Great!
Now, a little sidebar: we’re learning the intervals that occur within the major scale. Just as there are major and minor thirds, there are also major and minor 6ths and 7ths. But we’re sticking with major.  
This is a major 6th. And with that, we’re officially in large leap territory. Congratulations! Sing on numbers: [1 6 + echo]. And sing the name: [major 6th + echo]. We’re almost there! This is a fun one, a major 7th. Sing on numbers: [1 7 + echo]. With the name: [major 7th + echo]. 
Final interval of the day: a perfect octave. Sing on numbers: [1 8 + echo]. And the name: [perfect octave + echo]. 
Now, we’ll practice every interval we’ve learned with a major scale bungee. I’ll sing through, and feel free to follow along. Then I’ll just play, while you sing!

 Here’s one last exercise to tie it all together, combining stepwise motion, an arpeggiated chord, and large leaps. Are you ready?
Now, I recommend numbers for this one so you don’t get lost; but as always, you can sing on a vowel or easy syllable if you’d like. Let’s break it down really fast. The last part starts on the note you just sang, [5; 5 8 1]. Sing that alone: [5 8 1]. Put it together! And finish out strong!
[Exercise: 123454321-3-5 5-8-1)


Instructor: Camille van Niekerk

Camille van Niekerk is a singer, writer and vocal instructor in Southern California. Camille began studying voice and performing in musicals at age seven. In 2010, Camille began working towards her BA in Music Education at Azusa Pacific University. She then earned her teaching credential from San Diego State University and taught classroom choral and instrumental music. Shortly after moving to LA county, Camille began her private vocal studio, providing vocal coaching, ear training, and recording for students of all ages. She is constantly refining her skills and methods for greater versatility and effectiveness. When she is not teaching, Camille enjoys singing with the L.A. Choral Lab and Ensoma Creative. She lives in San Diego with her husband and loves going to the beach, practicing yoga, reading, and cooking.